“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”


- John Wooden



Professional Technical Programs


Mission of Professional Technical Programs


McCall College strives to inform, connect, and advance business and industry in the McCall region.


Inform – through real-time regional and local labor market research and data validated by industry partners.


Connect – business and industry with college students, faculty, and staff who are committed to developing an outstanding workforce.


Advance – the economic and workforce development mission of McCall College in partnering with business and industry and preparing the workforce to succeed in the future.


ProTech Programs






ProTech Badges


Introduction to Computer Information Technology (CIT)


General Information


Professional Technical (PT) courses are designed to serve the select needs of students. PT programs and courses may reduce the requirements of academic certificates. Therefore, the student should not expect that these courses are equivalent to academic courses. If the student is concerned about the acceptability of any PT course to a future business, college or university, the student is required to verify the transferability or validity of the course with the business, college, or university prior to entering the course.




  • After 10th Day - New Course & Instructor's Request
  • Midterm - New Course and Instructor's Request
  • Student Evaluations (end-of-course evaluation form)
  • Program Evaluation by Graduating Students (Graduate Exit Survey)
  • Program Evaluation by 3-to-5-Year Alumni (Alumni Survey)
  • Evaluation by Certificate-specific Advisory Council
  • Meeting with Current Students
  • Transcript data analysis
  • Program outcome assessment data



Computer Science (CIT)


Contact Information


R. Bruce Moore, Ph.D. Dean of Business and  Computer Science. bmoore@McCallCollege.org




R. Bruce Moore, Ph.D. Instructor in Computer Science. bmoore@McCallCollege.org

Woody Woodworth, MS. Instructor in Computer Science. woody@McCallCollege.org




The mission of the Professional Technical Program in Computer Science is to provide

students with both the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in computer science they need for their professional or academic careers; to offer valuable service and General Education courses bringing the ideas and methods of computer science to nonmajors; to create service-learning opportunities for regional engagement by encouraging student projects that are valuable to local non-profits and businesses; and to prepare a quality workforce. The general learning goals for students are knowledge, to understand computation in both its abstract forms and physical realizations; skills,

to implement computational models effectively in software; and values, to appreciate the roles and responsibilities of computer science professionals in the world.


ProTech Certificates




Contact Information


R. Bruce Moore, Ph.D., M.B.A. Dean of Business and Computer Science.  E-mail: bmoore (at) McCallCollege.org




The Business Department provides excellence in student-centered learning to prepare students with the knowledge, competencies, and experience necessary to successfully compete in today’s real-world economy, and offers services to address the business training and consulting needs of the community. The Department’s priority is Academic, Professional Technical, Certificate, and Applied instruction, but we also recognize a responsibility to the broader community in building the student as a whole person through broad-based education, scholarship, and service. Faculty are active in professional and civic organizations and are encouraged to author and present cutting edge learning to  regional and national organizations as well as popular and peer-reviewed media. The faculty firmly believes these activities are centrally important for maintaining the relevancy and instructional quality of the Department’s curriculum.


Professional Technical Certificate





Expectations of Students



The skills and subject knowledge that we teach and expect graduates to master are:


  • A basic knowledge relevant to business in the areas of accounting, economics, management, quantitative business analysis, finance, marketing, management information systems, human resources, business communication, legal and ethical environment, and international issues.
  • The ability to write and orally present business topics in a grammatically correct, effective, logical, and organized manner.
  • Experience in working with others as a team of diverse individuals to make critical business decisions, organize business policy, carry out various business tasks, and report on the results in a collaborative effort.
  • Fundamental computer skills.



Students are strongly advised to develop Program Plans with a Business Department faculty advisor early in their academic careers. Program Plans help the student to understand the program requirements that must be fulfilled to graduate with a recognition of certificate completion. Planning also enables students to learn more about the proper sequencing of courses, which is a key to academic success.