Donor Information


McCall College is now able to offer a pathway for tax-deductible donations to the college. McCall College Foundation Inc., the controlling organization of McCall College, has been approved as a 501c3 organization. Please make checks out to McCall College and send to 106 E. Park Street #220,  McCall ID, 83638. If desired, please offer specific instructions on the use of the money. If no instructions are included, the donation will be placed in the General Fund for best use.




$1,000 or more

Rotary International of McCall (Payette Lakes) - Rotary Classroom (#216)

Farmers' Market of McCall - Farmers' Market Classroom (#220)

Leader-Works - Computer Lab Equipment

Progressive Club of McCall - College Center

Woody Woodward

Dr. L. Bryan Williams

Nicki & Ron Coil

Dr. R. Bruce Moore


$500 - $999

David Byers - Rotary Scholarship

Richard Jayo / Frontier Telecommunications


$100 - $499

Michael Vineyard

Travis Leonard

David Holland

Cathy Batchelor

David Hanson

Gifts of Time & Resources

Michael Anderson

Vim Braak

Craig Campbell

Wayne Chapman

Paula Coomer

Hartzell Cobbs

Gordon Cruickshank

Debra Facchin

Mike Fenello

Dr. Andy Fields

Steve Forrey

Dr. Sean Gould

Jill Hammer

Mike Kohout

Randy Kyrias

Mike Lilley

Robert Lyons

Susan Marshall

Noel Mathews

McCall Church of the Nazarene

Louis McFadden

Leggette Miller

Jeff Motychak

Ron Oberleitner

Cindy Paget

David Peugh

Ken Priebe

Jeff Riechmann

Christine Reino

Dr. Doug Saddler

Sherry Scheline

Cameron Williams

Ian & Sarah Williams

Richard Wilson