Computer Information Technology ProTech (CITPT) Courses (* New)



This beginning computer course introduces computer hard ware (the box and accessories), software (browser and programs), and Facebook for Business.  Designed for the beginning student with little or no experience with computers.  Online learning software will be introduced. Designed for Windows computers.  Other computers may be admitted with instructor permission.  2 hours.


CITPT110 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER BASICS & MICROSOFT OFFICE - Comprehensive computer course incorporating Windows, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint using practical business and personal applications. Prerequisite: Student must be able to type 28 wpm or WRPPT 100. PT Hours: 3


CITPT111 MICROSOFT OFFICE BASICS - Learn how to use Microsoft Word in this course. Start with how to create and save new documents, basic page setup, and using templates to simplify your work. You will also learn how to format fonts and paragraphs, and how to use toolbars, spell check, and task panes, as well as how to copy, cut, and past.

Learn to use Microsoft Excel to compile data for quick results; build graphs, calendars, and charts; or track statistics for work, school, or church. This introduction to the Excel program will help you in these areas and more. During this course you will learn to create worksheets that perform simple calculations, and learn techniques to manipulate your data into a presentable format. Learn to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create and format presentations that can be used for sales, financial updates, demonstrations, and personal slideshows. You will also learn to work with pictures, tables, and diagrams. You will find out how you can add style, colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other effects to our slide presentations in PowerPoint. Each student will receive hands-on training while using an assigned computer. PT Hours: 3. Equivalent to CITPT 113


*CITPT-113 MICROSOFT OFFICE BASIC - This is a non-accredited, Professional-Technical course offering practical job skills for which you will receive a Certificate of Completion, but not transcripted credit. This beginning computer course introduces Windows 2016, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint using practical business and personal applications.  This course does not address MS-Access, Outlook, or Publisher. PT Hours: 3


CITPT121 QUICKBOOKS BASICS - In this course, you will learn the basics of getting started with QuickBooks. You will learn how to work with an existing company's books, navigate menu bars, work with lists, chart of accounts, and set up bank accounts. PT Hours: 3


CITPT122 QUICKBOOKS ADVANCED - In this class you will learn the basic setup of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and journal entries along with other essential bookkeeping elements for small business. You will also learn how the information you enter flows into other parts of QuickBooks. You will learn what reports are available, how to read and interpret data, budgeting, basic payroll, and analyzing your financials. PT Hours: 3


CITPT130 Social Media and Business - In this class you will learn what social media is, how it works, and how people use it. You will then learn about the ways it can be used to help your business. Finally you will learn how to do research, make a plan for your business or idea, and implement. PT Hours: 3


CITPT212 SPREADSHEETS AND DATABASES IN BUSINESS Instruction reviewing basic features and utilizing advanced features, functions, and capabilities of spreadsheets and databases. Prerequisite: CITPT 110 or permission of instructor. PT See General Education Core. CITPT 212 is a required class. Prerequisite: CITPT 110. Hours: 3


CITPT213 MICROSOFT OFFICE INTERMEDIATE - Do you want to expand your Microsoft Word skills? In this course you will learn methods for modifying an existing document and how to insert objects into a document. You will also learn bullets and numbering, using the find function, replace function, drawing tools, printing options, and much more.

This course will help you build on your basic Excel skills. Learn to use formulas, multiple worksheets, and insert charts and graphs. In this course you will learn to create multiple pages of interlink-ing data, and how to use formulas for increased proficiency. You will also learn how to integrate Excel with Word, Access, and PowerPoint, and much more. You will also learn to develop spreadsheets with functions, and apply design and formatting to create reports and spreadsheets that are professional and functional. You will also learn to save time and increase performance by applying formulas to our spreadsheets. PT Hours: 3