Computer Information Technology (CIT) Costs


Course (if paid in advance): $110.00 per hour.  3 hour course: $330.00

Introduction to CIT Badge: 6 hours @ $110.00 per hour = $660.00


Books: student should plan for $150.00 per course pair (courses numbered 113 & 213) for books and supplies.


McCall College does not receive Federal Financial Aid.  Students are required to pay in advance of services unless other arrangements have been made. Payment can be cash, check, debit, credit card, or purchase order.


McCall College Scholarships

Students interested in applying should send an inquiry to


Institutional Support

Students are reminded to inquire about support from sponsoring institutions. The Department of Labor and the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation have have qualified students with tuition, books, and equipment.  Please check with your local agency for opportunities.



Many organizations and foundations sponsor computer students with scholarships and grants. Search your area for opportunities.