Business (BUS) Courses


Business ProTech (BUSPT)


Note: These are non-accredited, Professional-Technical courses offering practical job skills for which you will receive a Certificate of Completion, but not transcripted credit.


BUSPT101 INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Increases student awareness of business functions and the business environment. PT Hours: 3


BUSPT185 HUMAN RELATIONS AND LEADERSHIP - Introductory course designed to introduce students to the complexities within 21st century organizations and offers strategies for coping and succeeding within those complex organizations. Course material will deal with reality-based problems that exist in organizations such as conflict, change, teamwork, leadership and self-management. PT Hours: 3


BUSPT221 MARKETING FOR PROFESSIONALS - Provides an understanding of the roles of marketing in the economy and the firm, and develops a rationale for a marketing perspective as a guide to organizational and individual actions. PT Hours: 3


BUSPT 321 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT -  Explores the identification and use of financial tools used to exercise financial controls in your firm. PT Hours: 3