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Office: 106 E. Park St., Ste. 127, McCall ID 83638

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Williams, Dr. L. Bryan. Instructor in Computer Science and Bookkeeping.  president(at)


Woodworth, Woody. Instructor in Computer Science.  MS  BusAdmin, BS Industrial Administration, MS Systems Management   woody(at)




The Business Division provides excellence in student-centered learning to prepare students with the knowledge, competencies, and experience necessary to compete successfully in today’s real-world economy, and offers services to address the business training and consulting needs of the community. The Division features Technical certification and Applied instruction, but we also recognize a responsibility to the broader community in building the student as a whole person through broad-based education, scholarship, and service. Faculty are active in professional and civic organizations and are encouraged to author and present cutting-edge learning to  regional and national organizations as well as popular and peer-reviewed media. The faculty firmly believes these activities are centrally important for maintaining the relevancy and instructional quality of the Division’s curriculum


ProTech Certificates Offered




The Business Division is not accredited.  Certificates in Entrepreneurship are to develop practical business skills to support the local and regional business community.


Completion Requirements


All candidates for educational instruction recognition in the Business Division must satisfy, prior to graduation, the specified requirements for their level of recognition or technical certificate.




Student Evaluations (end-of-course evaluation form)

Program Evaluation by Graduating Students (Graduate Exit Survey)

Program Evaluation by 3-to-5-Year Alumni (Alumni Survey)

Evaluation by Business Industrial Advisory Council (in development)

Meeting with Current Students

Transcript data analysis

Program outcome assessment data

Expectation of Students


The skills and subject knowledge that we teach and expect graduates to master are as follows:


  • A basic knowledge relevant to business in the areas of accounting, economics, management, quantitative business analysis, finance, marketing, management information systems, human resources, business communication, legal and ethical environment, and international issues.
  • The ability to write and orally present business topics in a grammatically correct, effective, logical, and organized manner.
  • Experience in working with others as a team of diverse individuals to make critical business decisions, organize business policy, carry out various business tasks, and report on the results in a collaborative effort.
  • Fundamental computer skills.
  • Fundamental bookkeeping skills
  • Advising


Students are strongly advised to develop Program Plans with a Business Division faculty advisor early in their academic careers. Program Plans help the student to understand the course requirements that must be fulfilled to graduate with a recognition of completion (certificate or degree). Planning also enables students to learn more about the proper sequencing of courses, which is a key to academic success.


Preparation for Future Studies


Students are encouraged to continue to study in the field of Business & Computers. McCall College programs are not accredited and courses or programs may not be accepted or recognized by any other educational institution.




The Business & Computer Science Division welcomes student-lead organizations. If student(s) are interested in creating such an organization, McCall College will encourage such organizations that support the Mission, Vision, and Values of the college, and furthers the goals of allowing students to actively participate / lead in networking with fellow students and with the business community. Such organizations are not restricted to, but may include the following: fund-raising for scholarships and College development, meeting and networking with business professionals, McCall College alumni, exploring career options in business fields, and developing an awareness of educational requirements. Students may also earn credit for their participation (requires prior approval).