Administrative Services




In addition to providing all required textbooks and supplies, the bookstore sells computer supplies, paperback books, study aids, and McCall College insignia gifts and clothing.


Buy-Back Policy


Picture ID is REQUIRED for all buy-backs. The book buy-back policy is the most effective way the bookstore can help students save money on textbooks. Buy-back gives students an opportunity to recycle unwanted textbooks for cash, as well as provide students in future semesters with more used books as an alternative to more expensive new books.


The bookstore will buy back current editions of textbooks at any time during the year, at national wholesale pricing. The wholesaler determines their wholesale price based on national demand. Wholesale pricing is usually 0%-30% of the publisher’s list price for that book.


Regular buy-back sessions are held at the end of Fall Semester, and at the end of Spring Semester. Specific dates will be posted around campus and on our website. If a signed textbook adoption has been submitted to the bookstore, and the bookstore needs the book, students will receive 50% of the amount paid for the book. (Not all books will be bought back for 50%). If a signed textbook adoption has not been submitted to the bookstore by the buy-back dates, students will receive wholesale pricing. If the quantity of books requested for the upcoming semester have been bought back, students will receive wholesale pricing.




The bookstore carries general office supplies, computer ink cartridges and supplies, as well as art supplies.


Refund Policy


Receipt is REQUIRED for all refunds.


TEXTBOOKS Two days from the date of purchase with receipt during the semester, and as posted at the start of each semester.


USED BOOKS See our buy-back policy.


SUPPLIES Seven days from the date of purchase.


TRADE BOOKS Seven days from the date of purchase. NO REFUNDS on the following items:




Supplies written on


Quick Study charts





The McCall College Administration is responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education and McCall College as well as enforcing the laws and ordinances of the City of McCall and the State of Idaho. The Administration is responsible for the protection of life and safety of all persons on campus. It is responsible for the protection of property, owned or leased by McCall College. The Administration is responsible for the investigation of all incidents and complaints occurring on the College campus, as well, as parking management and traffic control. The Administration cooperates with the McCall Police and Fire Departments to accomplish this mission.



Relationship with Local Police


The Administration works closely with the McCall Police and Fire Departments. Local police are present on campus routinely and must notified if there are any serious campus incidents. The Administration also works closely with the Police Department in preparing and submitting the annual Clery Report to the Department of Education.



“If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”


- Benjamin Franklin